Promo video:
Part 0: credits:
Part 1: Tabla solo
Part 2: Poet Ward McBurney
Part 3: Parkinson's Dance
Part 4: 90 year old poet Jean McLellan
Part 5: Sufi Whirling
Part 6: Lego Stop-Motion
Part 7: Dance #2

So, in March 2013 I moved into the Arcadia Art Gallery and embarked on a month-long collaborative creation process (know as ‘a happening‘ to children of the 60s).

The one rule was this: anyone could come into the gallery and do whatever they wanted, and I would record and/or film it. I took my recording studio, cameras and instruments and waited to see what people would do.
I called it ‘Cycles’ (website here) because I thought, um…Cycles. Why not. I do Cyclical Stuff…you know, biking, Indian classical rhythmic cycles (see what I did there?), the whole orbiting the sun thing, not to mention all the strange cyclical cyclings going on on the atomic and subatomic levels. so, you know, Cycles.

People came, people did, and people did not disappoint. videos to the left, and…
There’s an album of music here (so far…more to come)

so, yeah. It was a happening, man….

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