Storm Timelapse, Toronto, Aug 2 2015

Timelapse video of a storm with spectacular shelf clouds rolling over Toronto, Canada.

GoPro 3+ Black, 2.7k 17:9, 30fps, 4000-8000% sped up
Koji Color film emulation
Music arranged and edited from a Big Fish Audio sample library

Autorickshaw City of Lakes video

I was in India from Jan 2 – March 31st, and spent a few days in the city og Bhopal, shooting video and photos for my band Autorickshaw’s song city of Lakes. The song commemorates the 1984 Bhopal Gas Disaster, widely considered the worst industrial disaster in history, with a death toll of over 25,000 to date. All proceeds from the song are donated to the Sambhavna clinic in Bhopal, which treats survivors for free.

Chennai Traffic

New video! I shot (3 cameras) and edited:

New Cycles video (pt 7)

Part 7:


All 7 videos can be found here:

Cycles! that month-long film-happening-thing I did

DSCN0106So, in March I moved into the Arcadia Art Gallery and embarked on a month-long collaborative creation process (know as ‘a happening‘ to children of the 60s).

The one rule was this: anyone could come into the gallery and do whatever they wanted, and I would record and/or film it. I took my recording studio, cameras and instruments and waited to see what people would do. I called it ‘Cycles’ (website here) because I thought, um…Cycles. Why not. I do Cyclical Stuff…you know, biking, Indian classical rhythmic cycles (see what I did there?), the whole orbiting the sun thing, not to mention all the strange cyclical cyclings going on on the atomic and subatomic levels. so, you know, Cycles.

People came, people did, and people did not disappoint:

part 1: Indian classical music, w a live audience

part 2: Poetry

part 3: Dance, despite Parkinson’s Disease

part 4: more poetry, w a 90 year old poet, no less

part 5: Sufi Whirling, w a real actualy bonafide Whirling Dervish, no less!

part 6: Stop motion Lego animation, with an 11-year old Lego architect

That’s all the video so far…much more to come…see this post for the project stats:

There’s an album of music (so far…more to come)

so, yeah. It was a happening, man….

Concert promo video

I don’t have a TV, but when I did, it used to drive me crazy when I’d be trying to promote a concert…struggling to get people’s attention… and then a shiny, high-budget Tim Horton’s commercial would come on for a freakin’ donut or something.

Isn’t music worth more than donuts??

So…I’ve started to make promo videos for concerts:

stills from Wilbur Sargunaraj videoshoot

Some of the pics I took at Wilbur’s recent videoshoot:

Full Gallery:



Stop-Motion Tabla video

An idea I’ve had kicking around for awhile:

Animated Kaida (stop motion) from Ed Hanley on Vimeo.

Drumhand at the Tranzac

Some photos I took of the awesome band Drumhand, in concert at the Tranzac:


Full Gallery here:

New things!


Here are a bunch of things I’ve done recently, spanning videography/editing, audio recording and photography.

Video & Audio recording:

Art Mullin did the audio on that last video.

Production stills from the play AWAKE that was showing at NextStage festival (I did sound design):





And photos of the FreePlay Duo in concert: